My name is Nicolas Jelsch.

I’m a
living in Lausanne, Switzerland.

My resume
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About me

I started to study an MBA in marketing, communication, and design in ISCOM in Strasbourg and Paris (FR). After four years of studies and internships, I finished my MBA by an internship at Bata Brands SA during 7 months when I started my career.

Today I’m looking forward to finding new challenges and environment.

Stalk me

Want to hang out over coffee and chat about life and branding? Well, so do I! Don’t worry if you’re far away - I enjoy having Skype coffee dates too. Head over to the contact form and shoot me an email so we can connect, become friends, and work together.

What I've done

I’m creative and specialized in brand strategy and digital marketing. Here's a showcase of design, brand identity and management projects.